Sunday, December 9, 2007


My hair is getting way too long. It's time for a change. I used's hair makeover tool
and found some possibilities...

I could cut most of it off and look like my little sister Samantha:

or bleach it blond:

Or dye it black:

Or just get some bangs:

What do you think??
(i'll give you a high five if you can figure out which celebrity each hairstyle belongs to)


Ryan said...

I like the top and bottom. I don't like the middles. UGH

Ryan said...

Kate Blanchet (or however she spells her crazy name), and the rest could be anyone!

Ryan said...

I think I like the bangs. And kind of short.

T said...
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T said...

I like your hair blonde, but then your eyebrows would look creepy like those girls in Big Fish. even though your eyebrows aren't even that dark.
I like it best with the bangs though. And you look like mom with the first haircut.

ANYWAYS, that is not just any old SKULL throw, it's a Jack Skellington throw. A skull throw would be emo and creepy, a Jack Skellington throw is amazing. :)

Sammie! said...

Why do you have Billy Ray Cyrus hair in the first one? Creeper!!

Amyzing said...

I loved this post. You are too funny! I hear you are in town. Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah.